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Blog 15: FAA Order Process

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Blog 15:  FAA Product Order Process ORDER PROCESS FOR IMAGES ON FAA WEBSITES  The order process is really simple if you just compete each step … and do not get in a hurry.   ORDER PROCESS FROM START TO FINISH: Click > Mitchell Watrous – Official Website ( Click > Collections Click > Coffee Mugs – Professions Click > Bigstock 89082764 (Professional Shopper) Click > Coffee Mugs $17  V ClickRead More

Blog 13: Quality Art Differences

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Blog 13: Quality Art Differences What Are Quality Differences Between Art Prints and Posters?   Actually …  there seem to be NO major differences between Art Prints and Posters as offered on the Fine Art America (FAA) website. And, sometimes … no matter how you do it … the results seem as good one way as another.  Experiment … to find out! All FAA artists’ customers have access to theRead More

Blog 7: Color Coordination

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Blog 7: Color Coordination   Color Coordination Practice Example   Get the little tutorial book listed at the bottom of this blog. It is one of the most helpful tools that you could have to navigate any website and make the most important and useful decisions that you need to make for all your color co-ordinations on FAA. On this practice exercise, use what you have already learned in the previousRead More

Blog 6: Color Circle Operations

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Blog: 6 Color Circle Operations This is one of the most vitally important blogs you will need to master in order to be an effective FAA website developer, operator or buyer. Review it as often as you need in order to make this a part of your basic skills. This important blog is a little longer than my others … with a lot of important details … but it isRead More

Blog 5: Color Circle Tools

Blog 5 – Color-Circle Tools   Before presenting a lot of tutorials … it might be helpful to understand what color tools are being used to modify an image border to get something that we really want to purchase. Here are some important points to remember about FAA color options: The color Patches and mat Patches are NOT used to color the images. The Color Wheel + Shade-Tint-Tone Box cannotRead More

Blog 4: Image Sizer

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Blog 4: Image Sizer – Slider Bar   What are the three major problems encountered for shopping in walk-around stores? 1 Not enough choices 2 Not enough sizes 3 Not enough colors Fine Art America can be a big help in solving all three of those problems. They have: 1 more than a million artists with websites and offers; 2 multiple size options on most products; 3 color patches andRead More

Blog 3: FAA Products Collections


Blog 3: Fine Art America … Products Collections Before jumping into things too fast and getting in over your head … I feel it would be better to provide some more information. An actual FAA website will be used to demonstrate all the features you will learn how to use. This website will be similar to other websites that have (hopefully) learned how to provide tools for their customers toRead More

Blog 2: It’s Not Magic

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  Blog 2: It’s Not Magic But some of these world-class artists can certainly make it seem like the world is full of magic. If there was ever anything hidden in plain sight … you don’t need magic to discover it. Why? Many people see it … but only a few people seem to know how to access the information on FAA websites and use it. Most people are completelyRead More

Blog 1: Advantages For You

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Blog 1: ADVANTAGES FOR YOU Things You Would Never Know About Fine Art America (FAA) … unless someone told you. The following table is a list of Subjects and Subject Links related to Fine Art America (FAA) Websites. Note: FAA in the presentation refers to Fine Art America. Do not worry about having to learn everything in this table. Much of this information is nice to know in case anRead More