Blog 7: Color Coordination

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Blog 7: Color Coordination

This little blog is one of the most helpful tools that you could have to navigate any Fine Art America website and make the most important and useful decisions that you need to make for all your color co-ordinations (on FAA websites).

Here is the practice website again that you need to guide you through this dynamic process. Go to this website and follow along … and you will see immediately why most people miss out when they go internet shopping … or website development!

Click here:  this is a real FAA website for you to learn and practice on … but you do NOT need to buy anything on this practice website (unless you want to).

So … anything you learn to do on this website … you should be able to repeat on hundreds of thousands of the world’s finest artists on other Fine Art America websites.



COLOR Is the Part of All Your Products That Will Make Them Succeed or Fail!

The TOOL you will use to manage your product colors is fantastic!


I added this part for my customers to use color strategies on: Fine Art America Products with my website at … (and on ALL other websites of FAA Artists).

These steps and techniques will allow you to make many color combinations that most people never even think about. (I sure hope this looks familiar … because we just covered a lot of it in Blog 6 … but repetition is one of the best learning tools you can use.)



You may already be familiar with these “quick” steps to reach the color options for a product represented on our FAA website (i.e., Click > means to “click” the next action, or link, or word, or phrase in the steps below):

    1. Click > to get started.
    2. Click >    Home Decor > Throw Pillows
    3. Click >    Image (click on “any image” you want … i.e., over 1300 to choose from).
    4. Click >   anywhere inside the SIZE box … then choose size you want (change as desired)
    5. Click >    anywhere inside the PILLOW INSERT box … choose Yes or No.
    6. Click and Hold > (IMAGE SIZE) Bar while sliding it left or right to choose desired image size on the Throw Pillow. Release the slider bar to see what the image looks like. Change it if necessary.
    7. Click >    anywhere inside the BACKGROUND COLOR box … and a color palette will drop down (unless the image covers the entire background … and if it does … the color palette will NOT appear).
    8. Click >    any color patch from the color palette … and watch the background color change on the Throw Pillow … OR …
    9. Click > “Show More Colors “link for other options. (Whatever color you have on your Throw Pillow will show up on the Color-Circle/Tint Box when you click “Show More
      Colors” … and that will be your starting point.) Note: If you choose a color with the “Show More Colors” option … any previous “Background Color” patch chosen in the previous step will be ignored … and you will have a new color to play with.
    10. If you wish to return to the “Color Patches” to choose one of those colors … Click > “Show Basic Colors” link beneath the Color-Circle/Tint Box image … otherwise, continue with the instructions below.
    11. The safe, first thing you should do is to click Inside the Shade-Tint Box to place the little 0 in the middle of box. [ Note: If the little 0 inside the Shade-Tint Box is located on the top or bottom line, or on the right vertical line … no color will show up regardless of where the little 0 is placed on the Color Circle.]
    12. The second thing is to click on the Color Wheel to choose a color. Moving the + mouse-symbol anywhere on the Color Wheel … and clicking … will move the little 0 location on the Color Wheel to show the color spot chosen … and that color will show up in four places: on the (1) Product; (2) Background Color Patch; (3) RBG color values, and (4) in the Hex Color Code Box value.
    13. Click (or Tap) > the + mouse-symbol any place inside the Color-Box to adjust color shade or tint (Note: main function of the Color-Box is to adjust the shade or tint … so, pay attention to where you place the little 0 inside the color-tint box.
    14. Click >   the little square color patch inside-left of the little rectangular BACKGROUND COLOR box to confirm color choice.
    15. Go back and repeat/review these steps as often as you like … until you feel satisfied you can do this in your sleep!



OK, what can you do if you look at the color application on the Throw Pillow (or any other image you choose) … and all you can say is, “Yuk, I don’t like that”?

First of all, you will probably notice that your “Color Wheel/Color Tint Box” is gone … because you exited that function

You decide that the previous box with all the color patches were better than what you could do for yourself … but you don’t see your little display of color patches anymore either.

You click around in that BACKGROUND COLOR box … but that “Color Wheel” with the “Color Tint Box” that you were recently working with … that darn thing just keeps on popping up … but that is not what you want.

I know … I’ve done this myself. But there is a quick solution if you only know where to look.

Sometimes … you may not see either the Color Patches or the Color-Wheel/Tint-Box present.

If you do see the rectangular BACKGROUND COLOR box … Click > on the big, colorless in the right side of the box. (If your image is not completely covering the background … your Color Patches should reappear!)

Look just below the “Color Wheel/Color Tint Box” and you will see a little, teeny, tiny, link that says: “Show Basic Colors” … CLICK IT … and you will be back to the place you want to be.



By the way, if you were working with the “Color Wheel/Color Tint Box” … but you did not like anything you were doing … and you did not know how to get back to your previous “Color Patch” box … do the following:

Look down beneath the “Color Wheel/Color Tint Box” option and you will see a little, teeny, tiny, link that says: “Show Basic Colors” … CLICK IT … and you will be back to the place you want to be.

OK … let’s say that you were still not satisfied with the “color patch” choices either. You can actually go back and forth between the “Color Patches” and the “Color Wheel/Color Tint Box” until you get it like you want it.

You can still go right back to the “Color Wheel/Color Tint Box” choice again just by clicking on the link you used before:  Click > “Show More Colors” and it should be back to you.

If you still are not satisfied with the colors, you can click on the “Show Basic Colors” link again … and do this until you are satisfied … because you cannot break it.

Note #1:  We want you to be satisfied with your color choices on any of our products … and want you to be able to manage the most important aspect of your purchase … THE COLORS YOU WANT!

If you cannot get close to a color choice you want … because you cannot maneuver the Color-Wheel/Color-Box to find a suitable color for you … here is the best solution below.

Click on this resource ColorHexa (link: and scroll through 700+ colors with the Hex color codes. Then, what can you do if you find a color you like … but it’s not just quite right yet?

Here are some suggestions and solutions to solve your problem:

    1. Find a color with a Hex code close to what you want (i.e., Bittersweet with Hex code: #fe6f5e)
    2. Go back to the product page and pull up the Color-Wheel/Color Tint Box
    3. TYPE the Hex code #fe6f5e into the box (i.e., copy & paste does not seem to activate it).
    4. If that is the color you want … Click > Patch in the BACKGROUND COLOR box to keep it.
    5. If you decide it’s not quite right yet, Click > anywhere inside the Background Color Box.
    6. Depending upon where you stopped … either the Color Patches or the Color-Wheel/Color-Box will reappear so that you can continue experimenting.
    7. Do NOT click on the little 0 in the Color-Wheel … because that keeps your basic color in place.
    8. If you like the Bittersweet color … you are just playing with shades and tints of it in the “Shade-Tint Box.”
    9. You can get your original color back by just re-typing #fe6f5e back into the Hex code box.



In future blogs I may review many of these processes again so that learning can be reinforced.

Later on, I will take the process all the way through to actually ordering a product … and I will use one of the most requested products on the internet as the example … Coffee Mugs!

OK … if nothing has worked to reset your system yet … sometimes a computer may experience an “overload” and get stuck or hung-up on a step.

Sometimes, all that will work is a “refresh, reset, or exit.” You can exit the current program and re-load your image to start all over again (i.e., I have had to do that process before also).

In case you have not had the opportunity to do so yet, here is the order information for the important tutorial book that can help you through many rough spots on FAA websites:

One Billion Secret Choices in Fine Arts America [eBook]


One Billion Secret Choices in Fine Arts America [ Print Book]




In Blog 8 we will review some steps for development and selection of popular Canvas Wall Art.



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