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Website Fail

Hello  Aspiring Artists, I am a retired college professor. I know why most artists’ websites fail … and how to help yours have a better chance at success. Why? Most artists are terrible at promoting their websites and providing instructions for buying their art. … and most of them would not know what a blog is if they fell in one. How do I know that? I have reviewed manyRead More

Blog 14: Art Options To Consider

Blog - 14

Blog 14: Art Options To Consider There Are Many More Print Art Options To Consider   This blog will be a refresher to reinforce some information in previous blogs that may have been missed. To begin: You can open and play around on this website: (and keep it open in a handy place such as on one of your tabs, or down in your bottom tray). (Note: This isRead More

Blog 11: Which Print Is Better?

Blog - 11

Blog 11: Which Print Is Better? To know the differences … you need to learn a little more about the products. To follow along, be sure to log into and choose an image that you would like to work with … or just use the example provided in the Practice Steps given further down the page. There is NOT a contest between Acrylic Prints and Metal Prints. Both haveRead More

Blog 9: Shopping Magic Steps

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 Blog 9: Shopping Magic Steps Shopping Magic For Framed Art Prints Let’s review the Wall Art series for Framed Prints to show you some tips and tricks you might need to know to get the most from your online shopping, or from physical store purchases. Note: What you learn to do on these examples … you should be able to do on most other artists’ products on their FAA websitesRead More

Blog 10: Five Major Art Differences

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Blog 10: Five Major Art Differences There are at least five major differences between Canvas and Acrylic finishes: Appearance Durability Price Transportability Uniqueness “Canvas” finishes provide great quality for a digital art product at a slightly lower cost than “Acrylic” finishes. The finish you choose for your digital art products depends primarily upon your finish preferences and your budget. If you are not familiar with the differences in appearance betweenRead More

Blog 12: Love Wood Prints

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Blog 12: Love Wood Prints Images To Love on Wood Prints Wood Print is another category similar to Acrylic Prints and Metal Prints. The backing for the WOOD PRINT image is on a solid foundation of wood (meaning … not on a piece of cardboard or foam). This category of digital art uses a wood backing for the art. The wood is typically maple wood (of various thicknesses). The use ofRead More

Blog 0: Quick Start

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Quick Start Some people already know this … but many do not know it … but the information below could be visitors’ gateway to many of our artist’s websites. In a hurry to get started putting your own images on things you want them on … without having to make your own website? It does not matter if you are a brush artist, digital artist, buyer, seller, photographer, website ownerRead More

Blog 8: Pro Canvas Art Steps

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Blog 8: Pro Canvas Art Steps You can use all these little tips and tricks you see here … to get the most from your online shopping … or in physical store purchases. (Note: Do NOT pay any attention to any prices you see posted for a product in these examples.) The Major Thing to realize right up front … is that most people will have to go through theseRead More

Blog 15: FAA Order Process

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Blog 15:  FAA Product Order Process ORDER PROCESS FOR IMAGES ON FAA WEBSITES  The order process is really simple if you just compete each step … and do not get in a hurry.   ORDER PROCESS FROM START TO FINISH: Click > Mitchell Watrous – Official Website ( Click > Collections Click > Coffee Mugs – Professions Click > Bigstock 89082764 (Professional Shopper) Click > Coffee Mugs $17  V ClickRead More

Blog 13: Quality Art Differences

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Blog 13: Quality Art Differences What Are Quality Differences Between Art Prints and Posters?   Actually …  there seem to be NO major differences between Art Prints and Posters as offered on the Fine Art America (FAA) website. And, sometimes … no matter how you do it … the results seem as good one was as another.  Experiment … to find out! All FAA artists’ customers have access to theRead More