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Blog 12: Love Wood Prints

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Blog 12: Love Wood Prints Images To Love on Wood Prints Wood Prints is another category similar to Acrylic Prints and Metal Prints. The backing for the WOOD PRINT image is on a solid foundation of wood (meaning … not on a piece of cardboard or foam). This category of digital art uses a wood backing for the art. The wood is typically maple wood (of various thicknesses). The useRead More

Blog 15: FAA Order Process

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Blog 15:  FAA Product Order Process ORDER PROCESS FOR ANY IMAGE ON FAA WEBSITES   Using Coffee Mugs … As An Example The reason I am using this particular example is so that  can we get to play around with the IMAGE SLIDER … and I might do an additional, complete blog on that topic later on. Take your time and review this material so that you can use itRead More

Blog 14: Art Options To Consider

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Blog 14: Art Options To Consider There Are Many More Print Art Options To Consider   This blog will be a refresher to reinforce some information in previous blogs that may have been missed. To begin: You can open and play around on this website: (and keep it open in a handy place such as on one of you tabs, or down in your bottom tray). Click > CollectionsRead More

Blog 13: Quality Art Differences

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Blog 13: Quality Art Differences What Are Quality Differences Between Art Prints and Posters?   Actually …  there seem to be NO major differences between Art Prints and Posters as offered on the Fine Art America (FAA) website. And, sometimes … no matter how you do it … the results seem as good one was as another.  Experiment … to find out! All FAA artists’ customers have access to theRead More

Blog 11: Which Print Is Better?

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Blog 11: Which Print Is Better? To know the differences … you need to learn a little more about the products. To follow along, be sure to log into and choose an image that you would like to work with … or just use the example provided in the Practice Steps given further down the page. There is NOT a contest between Acrylic Prints and Metal Prints. Both haveRead More

Blog 10: Five Major Art Differences

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Blog 10: Five Major Art Differences There are at least five major differences between Canvas and Acrylic finishes: Appearance Durability Price Transportability Uniqueness “Canvas” finishes provide great quality for a digital art product at a slightly lower cost than “Acrylic” finishes. The finish you choose for your digital art products depends primarily upon your finish preferences and your budget. If you are not familiar with the differences in appearance betweenRead More

Blog 9: Shopping Magic Steps

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Blog 9: Shopping Magic Steps Shopping Magic For Framed Art Prints   There is so much you can learn … as an FAA website developer … or as an FAA buyer. Before we begin … please play around and experiment with these options as much as you like … because you cannot break anything (and you can start over as many times as you like and on as many artRead More

Blog 8: Pro Canvas Art Steps

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Blog 8: Pro Canvas Art Steps Many people are interested in having a nice canvas art piece. Here are some Pro Steps to improve your canvas wall art. You can use all these little tips and tricks you see here … to get the most from your online shopping … or in physical store purchases.   Here is a brief outline of what to expect in this Blog for CanvasRead More

Blog 7: Color Coordination

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Blog 7: Color Coordination This little blog is one of the most helpful tools that you could have to navigate any Fine Art America website and make the most important and useful decisions that you need to make for all your color co-ordinations (on FAA websites). Here is the practice website again that you need to guide you through this dynamic process. Go to this website and follow along …Read More

Blog 6: Color Circle Operations

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Blog: 6 Color Circle Operations This is one of the most vitally important blogs you will need to master in order to be an effective FAA website developer, operator or buyer. Review it as often as you need in order to make this a part of your basic skills. This important blog is a little longer than my others … with a lot of important details … but it isRead More