Blog 9: Shopping Magic Steps

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Blog 9: Shopping Magic Steps

Shopping Magic For Framed Art Prints


There is so much you can learn … as an FAA website developer … or as an FAA buyer.

Before we begin … please play around and experiment with these options as much as you like … because you cannot break anything (and you can start over as many times as you like and on as many art images as you like)!

FAA website developers can learn to greatly improve their Frame Art product presentations which they place on their websites.



Buyers on FAA websites can learn to totally change the appearance of art that FAA website developers have presented on their websites. But that is one of the greatest overlooked benefits that buyers on FAA websites can have.

In fact, this is one section that buyers on FAA websites have over almost  unlimited  choices to modify a framed image to fit environments in which the art may be placed.

In this the Wall Art Blog for Framed Prints  you can learn tips and tricks you need to know so that you to get the most from your online shopping, or from physical store purchases.

I feel confident that you will discover hundreds of things you can do to improve the beauty of your images  for Print Frame options. You will develop abilities that you did not even know you had.

Note: What you learn to do on these examples … you should be able to do on most other artists’ products on their FAA websites for framed art (or … even you own FAA website!)

We are going to start exploring some examples of  hundreds options for Print Frames art. You will be amazed at what you can do with various colors on mats and frames.   You may have never never imagined these possibilities before … but now you will get the chance to greatly modify an art product before you buy it.

You can follow right along with these demonstrations on the following website since we know it best (copy and paste the website link to your browser if necessary). Some of these steps are presented as additional learning tricks for you.



Open this website: … and Click > Wall Art > Framed Prints … and search for Cathedral of Love.

Then, Click > Cathedral of Love (note: that might take a while to find among so many art pieces) … but you can look for the Search box with  Magnifying Glass on the upper left … and type in Cathedral of Love.

If that turn out to be elusive, Click > this link: Cathedral of Love. Then, Click > Wall Art … then Click > Framed Print

We will explore this example together so that you can see what happens to the art image you choose. (Note: These instructions should work for any FAA website … but just be aware that you can choose different options for different images … for example … more or fewer Frame options, etc.)

(But Note: by checking other FAA artists you may find millions of images you like … and REMEMBER, you can use this exact, same process on ANY Framed Print on ANY FAA artist’s website!)

Now, we will go through the Framed Prints (in the Wall Art category) so that you can see how to perform all the actions in most of these options (i.e., and which may vary with image choice and size).

Make sure that you still have the art image loaded up so that we can work on it together and watch what happens when we make choices.

Note: Images may take a few seconds to show changes because of differences in computer processing speeds (i.e., Cathedral of Love ).



These points can be helpful to understanding the Practice Exercise which follows a little later on below.

1.   Print Size (Depends on frame Shape … and larger size = higher $ price):

    • Natural Shape – 5 print sizes to choose from
    • Vertical Shape –  2 print sizes to choose from
    • Horizontal Shape –  2 print sizes to choose from
    • Square Shape –  2 print sizes to choose fromFrame (17 options … or choose NONE)

ACTION STEPS (Remember: You must have the active image link loaded up so that we can observe changes together. Here it is again if you need it:  Cathedral of Love.)

A.    Watch your image size change as you … Click > Print Size and watch them change.

Do this for all four SHAPES … and pay attention to the text positioning. You would NOT want to purchase an image that did not have text properly positioned (i.e., Horizontal Shape in this case).

B.     You can also go back and see what this looks like with the different Frame Styles … but you might want to hold off on doing this until you choose your frame color … and any Top Mat and Bottom Mat colors and sizes.

Note: It is understandable if you start to feel overwhelmed at any point … but that is normal for new adventures and opportunities.  So … if you start to feel overwhelmed at any point … take a break.  And … remember … this is not  a contest. You can repeat any of this materal as often as and as many times as you wish. Success in this part is very rewarding.

A Promise To You:  When you successfully master this part … you will know more than most of the rest of the people in the world. Sure … most people love masterful art creations … but most of them do not have a clue how to put them together.  But … hang in there … and you will be in the select group that DOES know how!

2. Frame … Important Note: The Frame Style you can choose will depend upon the color you choose for your frame. So … plan on experimenting with FRAMES  a lot … and that is an OK thing to do to learn what you have to work with,

Before we begin this process …  you need to know that after you play around and finally choose a Frame … you can go back and change the Frame again after you have chosen the sizes and colors of Top or Bottom Mats that you want.

It is important for you to know about that particular point … because you will not be stuck at any point with any options you choose.  You can experiment and change anything you want to while you are “creating” the art piece you want to buy.

Do not concern yourself that an artist might become upset with changes you make to his or her art … because you are NOT making any changes on their websites (i.e., the only  changes you make will be on the products you create to purchase.)

And that is the genius of the whole Fine Art America concept. Brilliant artists provide their work for you to enjoy and purchase … and if you can make  their work better for yourself … everyone becomes a winner!

ACTION STEPS (Reminder: You must have the active image link loaded up so that we can observe changes together. Here it is again if you need it: Click > Cathedral of Love

And if you lose it again … just click on it as many times as you need to recover it! Just remember: Click > Wall Art … then Click > Framed Print to get back to your working page.

This can be a little tricky because there are so many ways you can go with FRAME choices … but just be patient … and practice back and forth all you want to.

And if you get a little tangled up … don’t worry. We are not going to break anything. So, here we go:

Click > anywhere inside the FRAME box (which may already have a Frame listed in it, such as CRQ13).  Don’t worry, click anywhere inside the box anyway.

Then, the FRAME COLORS box should appear right beneath it … with the words Most Popular inside it … and you may see several Frame examples listed beneath the box containing the words “Most Popular.

Now, the fun begins. Just look at this exercise as a little trip to discover what you can do with FRAMES without having to commit yourself to anything.

Click > anywhere inside the box with the words Most Popular.

You may see a list of 13 colors … more or less,  depending on which Frame choice is made.  And … notice that there are a number of frame choices (i.e., 6 ) beneath the list of colors.

There is the tricky part to know about … and if you keep this information in mind … you will not be tricked at all (or go mad trying to figure out what is going on)!

Here is the tricky part:   NOT ALL of those colors will apply to ALL of the Frame choices.

Do not despair … there is a solution to this dilema … and you are going to know how to do it! Here is how:

In the FRAME COLORS box … you can click on each color and find out which Frames can be produced with that color … and for this image. Yes, that does take a little work … but do you know how much time people can waste by not knowing what is going on!

For example, Click > Beige color… and you will see only one Frame choice for the color Beige. Hover you mouse pointer over the Beige Frame icon to see the Frame identity type:  HP2 – HP2 – Small Profile – American Maple.

Next, Click > Black color… and you will see nine Frame choices on which the Black color can be used with this particular image.

Next, Click > Brown color … and you will see six Frame choices on which the Brown color can be used with this particular image.

Here is a NICE SURPRISE for you! You do NOT have to click back and forth on each Frame and each Color to bring up the composite art assembly on your project for you to evaluate!

Here is how to cut hours off your investitation and evaluation:

    • Do this again for the color brown … Click > Brown … and you will see six different Frame choices on which the Brown color can be used with this particular image.
    • Next, simply click on each of the six Brown icons individually … and wait for the change to take place. Notice that each Frame has an identity number. For example, Frame GLD4 looks nice.
    • When you start placing Top Mats and Bottom Mats in you picture image … you can change your frame to make better matches with the colors for you Top and Bottom mats.

3.  Top Mat and Bottom Mat … (add one, both, or leave them off entirely)

Mats are border choices that you can add to you Framed Print to dress it up and make it stand out … but you do not have to add these mats if you do not want them. However, you can add them and always go back and experiment all you want to.

ACTION STEPS: These are choices that can dress up both your image and picture frame. Experiment all you want to until you get it just like you want it. This is truly a fun part of the process … which you can spend hours (or days) tinkering around with!

Here are your three choices: No Mat; Top Mat; and Bottom Mat. Remember … always watch your “working picture”  image to observe the changes that occur when you make option choices or changes.

A.    No Mat: You do not have to put a mat around you print image. And quite frankly, some images look better without a Mat around them … but that is a visual evaluation for the buyer to decide. (Note: Technically … just one mat is neither a Top Mat nor Bottom Mat … as explained below.)

B.    Top Mat: Closest Mat to the Picture Frame when there are two Mats … but if there is only one Mat … it is just called a border between the picture and the frame. (Note: After you add this mat you will see a message beneath the Mat box that says:  ADD A SECOND MAT … and this will be for the Bottom Mat addition.)

At this time there seems to be only eight color options for the Top Mat and 16 choices for MAT WIDTH.

C.    Bottom Mat: This is the border closest to the image when there are two mats.

At this time there seems to be only eight color options for the Top and Bottom Mats.

Note: You may want to review this information above one or two time before you begin the Practice Exercise below.  If not … you can still go back and look for clarifications above … after you begin the Practice Exercise below.


Practice Exercise

Let’s give this a go … from the beginning … and see what we come up with. Just follow these steps (but be sure to watch your art changes as you progress through the exercise):

    • Click > Cathedral of Love … Click > Wall Art … Click > Framed Print
    • PRINT SIZE … Choose 6″ x 8″
    • SHAPE …  Choose “Natural” [Note: If you change “Shape” … check the size you want.]
    • FRAME … Choose CRQ13 (Note: Hover over the frame corner icon images until CRQ13 pops up) [Remember the discussion above about Frame choices based on available Frame Colors.]
    • MAT … Click > White  …  then Click > Cream Color … and watch it appear in your picture frame within a few seconds. (Note: Hover > mouse pointer over each of the square color boxs to find out the color of each one.)
    • MAT WIDTH … Choose 4″
    • Click > ADD SECOND MAT … and the name BOTTOM MAT shows up. (Note: When you click to add a second Mat … the Mat you first added becomes the TOP MAT.)
    • Click > White color (i.e., this will be the BOTTOM MAT).
    • Then … Choose 3″ MAT WIDTH (and watch it change in your picture frame)
    • PAPER … Choose Archival Matte Paper (recommended) … notice you have 8 choices.

This is probably close to what you have on your computer screen right now (some computer screen settings might be a little different):

Cathedral of Love

OK … if you do not like what you see … you can certainly make hundred or thousands of combination changes very quickly.  You are NOT STUCK with what you just produced!

Using the same process we just used above, let’s try some more changes to see what we can do with that project. You can have a lot of fun doing this … and without wandering far from home!

Note: You can play around and change any or all parts until you get what you think you want. I like the one below better … but others may like the one above better. Nevertheless, you can play around on this one Framed Print and make hundreds of variations.

New Cathedral

I was able to make all these changes above in less than a minute … and you can too … once you get the hang of it!

If at any time you are having so much fun you get lost … and want to get back to your practice link … here it is for you again:  Cathedral of Love  and you can start all over at the last point you saved.

Note: Take your time … and repeat these instructions as many times as you want to … because there is a lot of good stuff you can find out here.

Remember to watch the frames and colors change around your image as you experiment.

Study the examples above … carefully! Change anything you want as often as you like … even start over … until you get it like you want it! You cannot break it!

Note: Use the following link for help with colors in matching walls, rugs, furniture, etc.: ColorHexa  ( ). Note: Give your computer a few seconds to reach out for the link.

In this example: imagine a Framed Print to be placed on an Almond Colored Wall.

 Just take your time … and repeat these instructions as many times as you want to … because there is a lot of good stuff you can try to find out what you like and take a look here.

You cannot break anything, but if you don’t like anything you did … No Problem … you can start all over as many times as you like!

Also, try as many Framed Art Prints as you like. There is no charge for playing all you want to … and experimenting can be a terrific teacher that can make you much better at finding something you like.

In case you have not had the opportunity to do so yet, here is the order information for the important tutorial book that can help you through many rough spots on FAA websites:

One Billion Secret Choices in Fine Arts America [eBook]


One Billion Secret Choices in Fine Arts America [ Print Book]




In the next Blog 10 we will cover five major differences between Canvas and Acrylic finishes

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