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For some reason, many people do not like to take courses or lessons or anything that looks like school.

OK … I understand that. SO … all of the information in this presentation is presented in the form of Blogs.  Why?  Blogs provide information … and they are not a challenge like school where you need to get grades for success.

However, most people do not like waiting for blogs to roll out over several weeks and months in order to get the information they want.

Therefore, all of this information is being made available right up front so that you can go through it at your own speed … and repeat it as many times as you like for your own review.

But … is it really free? Absolutely. Nevertheless, I will not leave you swimming around in the dark without additional information.

You can also get the book below (digital, print, or both) to provide you with many more ideas … especially if you just want to order your own art ideas or set up your own website:

Fine Art America

Recommend: Go through all the blogs first if you want to before you decide to get a copy of the book above (xxx See link below.). But, you can go ahead and get started with the blogs I have provided for you.

There are many opportunities … but my research shows that a great route to personal success as an arist can be enhanced through Fine Art America (i.e., you can even get you own website to promote your own art products).

If you do decide to get you own website on Fine Art America, I can help you out there, too.

For example,  I give you permission to use and/or modify any of my blogs to put on your own website to help you out if you buy a copy of my book listed above.

Is that fair? After all, I am providing over $1000 free art course information for you to use. I have nothing else to offer you for sale (unless you want to buy something from my website at: Mitchell Watrous  ).

This can also show your website visitors how to view and purchase your art on your own website!

That is why this website delivers over 15 blogs at once on Fine Art America website operations for FAA, website owners, and customers.

As a bonus for people who purchase the book below … including FAA, its artists, and others have the author’s permission to:

  • create additional blogs for their own FAA websites from these website blogs.
  • create new blogs from the author’s book chapters listed in the book below.

The author has also produced the tutorial book below to help other people gather information quickly so that they can move on to purchasing success and whatever else interests them.

This website is dedicated to helping people and artists learn how to:

  • Set up Fine Art America (FAA) websites.
  • Use Fine Art America websites to buy and sell artists’ products.
  • Design, modify, and buy products being offered by FAA artists.
  • Design, modify, and use their own images on products without a website.

Welcome to this series of information blogs … specifically designed to enhance experiences and success … with Fine Art America websites by the largest collection of the world’s finest artists. The biggest surprise is that the number of product choices is outstanding (and … visitors can place their own images on a large variety of products).

In order to get the most from these blogs and experience the joy of discovery and success … a retired college professor has written a plain-language tutorial guide to help people started … and to keep them going from one FAA website to another without getting lost in any of them.

The tutorial book below will be the key … and guide … to opening and easily using hundreds of thousands of unique websites that can send chills down your spine as you discover the hidden talents of artists around the world.

Note: The author is a retired college professor. The information and opinions in these tutorial guides are his own. He is not an employee or an affiliate of FAA. His positive observations concerning FAA are not influenced by any financial arrangements with FAA. He is very familiar with FAA since he has had his own FAA website since 2017.

Fine Art America
FAA Website Tutorials

Tips Trick Tutorials Using Fine Art America … For Buyers Sellers Artists Photographers and Website Owners 

The eBook is recommended because it has active links to everything almost anyone needs to do on FAA websites (and priced so that starving-artists can easily afford it)!

https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BTFRP4P3 [$7.97]   eBook
https://www.amazon.com/dp/0981862845 [$18.97]   Print Book

The print book is also very good … and many people prefer to have a print book in addition to an eBook.  

NOTE: The success of Fine Art America depends upon its customers’ ability enter an FAA website and navigate within it. The more practical information that FAA and its artists can provide to website customers and visitors … the more successful they will all likely be.

The book presented above has a few more chapters than the blogs on this website … but it is a practical tutorial that provides guidance for website owners, visitors, buyers, and those who want to make their own products without a website.

Best regards for your success,

Prof. Mitchell L. Watrous, Author (Ret.)


NOTE: Be sure to check out all the invaluable Blogs on this website … which you can copy or modify for your own website when you buy my book. Find them all right here: https://shopwithadvantages.com/blog-links-0-to-15/


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