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Hello  Aspiring Artists,

I am a retired college professor. I know why most artists’ websites fail … and how to help yours have a better chance at success.

Why? Most artists are terrible at promoting their websites and providing instructions for buying their art. … and most of them would not know what a blog is if they fell in one.

How do I know that?

I have reviewed many websites on Fine Art America (FAA) … and elsewhere.  If I did not know what I was doing … I would not buy a thing from any of those artists’ websites anywhere.

Why? Because I would not have a clue how to find and buy anything on most of those websites … because art DOES NOT SELL ITSELF … and that is the main reason for artist’s website failures!

It would be very helpful for visitors to know how they could manipulate over 16 million colors on many of the products on artists’ websites.

Why? To match the environments they are buying the art for.

But I am going to try to help as many artists as I can. I have already done most of the work needed to create blogs and show people how to manipulate colors, frames, etc. and  how to buy the stuff on their websites.

I have written a tutorial book (patterned after Fine Art America) that both artists and website visitors can understand and use right out of the gate.

For example, go to this website …  ShopWithAdvantages … and take a look at nearly 15 art blogs which you can copy or modify to use on your own website. I own these … and I give my book customers permission to use and modify them on their own websites.

If you buy my very low-cost tutorial book below, you can modify and use these blogs (and book chapters) as your own blogs on your own website … and you can copy anything from my tutorial book to put in your own website blogs as well.

Here is the information you need to get a copy of my book … a really good deal … costs less that a coffee and donuts:

eBook:         [$7.97]

Print Bk:      [$18.97]

Live longer … but prosper more,

Prof. Mitchell Watrous

PS: Please take advantage of this amazing offer now … and get started on your own success! Note: If your visitors cannot access your products … they cannot find them … modify them … and buy them!

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