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Blog 15:  FAA Product Order Process



Using Coffee Mugs … As An Example

The reason I am using this particular example is so that  can we get to play around with the IMAGE SLIDER … and I might do an additional, complete blog on that topic later on.

Take your time and review this material so that you can use it like a pro. Do NOT let the order process confuse you. If you think you made a mistake … just click out of the process and begin again when you feel like it.

You really need to go through the DESIGN PROCESS on a product before you order it … and that is to make sure that you are getting what you want. You can play around with a product until you feel like you have it like you want it … and take all the time you need to do it right.

One thing is for sure … you will have so many color options that you never have to worry about sending two friends the exact same colors on a product.

Have fun playing around with these colors … they can become addictive!

But don’t worry … play around all you like … because you cannot break anything. If you do not like something you did … just back out and start again.

    1. CLICK to start: > Coffee Mug Designerand this options page should appear: ­

4 Coffee Mugs


­ IMPORTANT NOTE: The images in this Coffee Mug Instructions Tutorial are NOT active. They show you what to do when you are signed in to the website link (i.e., Click > Coffee Mug Designer to get started) … and to design your mug.

2. Hover and click any of the four cards you want to design (you can do all of them if you like … and if you would just like to have a set for youself … or as a gift).

Your selection should pop up an image like the one below. (Remember: The images in this tutorial are not active … you mustclick into the website link in order accomplish these steps.)

We will choose the Ace of Hearts in our example.

Capture 2 - Mugs - Ace of Hearts

Note: Click Here to Get: > Active Mug Order Image    for the Ace of Hearts (i.e., the image above on this page is only a demo … so, click on this link to get an active image).

3. When you get the active image … you need to go down the menu and Click on “Coffee Mugs” icon shown in the figure above (in #2).  When you do … you may get a second drop down menu with the “Coffee MUG” icon … just Click > on it too.

Then you should get another image similar to the one below to select the SIZE you want (11oz or 15 oz).

Capture 3 - Mug Sizes

    1. Notice: There are four things that you can change in this image above (but: you have to be on the active link to do it … and in case you lost it … here it is again for you:  Click > Active Coffee Mug Link  in order to continue working on the Mug design:
    • Size of the cup (i.e., 11 oz or 15 oz)
    • Image Size Slider Bar (i.e., slide left or right to change image size)
    • Background … Color on cup … selector (current color shown is Grey 2)
    • Note: Click on Color Patch Grey2 or V (i.e., in BACKGROUND COLOR box) to show 72 colors (see image shown below

For example, click a color patch to change the background color of the mug. Shown is the current default color of the coffee mug (Grey 2). (Remember: You must be logged into the website to make these changes ( Coffee Mug Designer ) … because the images in this tutorial are just an inactive demo.)

Capture 4 - Mugs 72 Color Patches

Click >  Show More Colors link (which will be just below the 72 color patches) … and this will open up another option which I call the Color Wheel … which can produce over 16 million hexadecimal color code choices. (i.e., when the Color Wheel and Color Tint Box are used in conjunction with each other as shown in #5 below).

    1. You have another powerful color selection tool with which you can bring into play by clicking the Show More Colors link beneath the 72 Color Patches. You can make up over 16 million colors.  I call this the Color Wheel/Color Tint Box… and you might find yourself playing with this fascinating option all day long.

Capture 5 - Mugs Color Wheel

6. It’s fun! Go Ahead … Play! You will not break it! Here are the details for the “Color Wheel” option:

      • Your mug’s current Background Color (i.e., Grey 2) is shown above the Color Wheel (i.e., as shown with the hexadecimal code such as #d1d1d1 in the Code Box image just above the link for Show Basic Colors).
      • Keep your eye on this Background Color Status-Box because it will reflect any color changes you make on the Color Wheel … in conjunction with the Color Tint Box.
      • Notice: On your active link, you can click the link shown for “Show Basic Colors” to take you back to the color patches if you decide you would rather make your color changes there.

Notice how the Color Wheel is constructed:

      • The Color Wheel is used to select the Basic Color by moving the mouse + symbol on the circle … and clicking its position in order to move the little o around the circle.
      • To start checking color changes when moving the little O on the color wheel … the first thing you should do is to move the little O to the center of the Color Tint Box  (i.e., from the bottom horizontal line or from the right side vertical line) to the center of the Color Tint Box; otherwise, you can click around on the Color Circle all day long and no colors will change on your coffee mug.
      • The Color Tint Box inside the circle is used to “shade or tint” the Basic Color on the Color Circle by clicking anywhere inside the box (i.e., shading makes the color darker and tinting makes the color lighter … play around and watch color changes).
      • Any combination changes you make with the  Color Wheel + Color Tint Box will appear in the BACKGROUND COLOR Status-Box. [Be patient … because it may take a few seconds for the color changes to appear on your mug.
      • Note: You can finalize and keep … your color selection made with the Color Wheel/Color Tint Box … by clicking the color patch icon square in the BACKGROUND COLOR box … and the Color Wheel disappears.  [Note: Click the color patch in the BACKGROUND box again … and the Color Wheel/Color Tint Box will reappear to continue your work.]

Keep an eye on your Coffee Mug as you experiment with the Background Colors. You can see your color changes within a few seconds after making your color selections … depending on the processing speed of your computer.


7. Color Notes (for Color Wheel):

      • You do not have to move the little o around with your mouse in the Color Wheel… but you can … and watch the color changes as you move (i.e., changes in the BACKGROUND COLOR box patch … and in the hex code box beneath the Color Wheel. Or, just click anywhere on the Color Wheel with the “mouse + symbol.
      • The position of the little o inside the Color Box does NOT move unless you move it to modify the shade or tint of the color selected in the Color Wheel. Just click anywhere inside the Color Box with the “mouse +symbol.
      • You only have 72 color selections with the color patches … but they are great colors.
      • You can have over 16 million hexa decimal color possibilities using the Color Wheel + Color Tint Box combinations.
      • Need color ideas? Check out this great source for a LIST OF COLORS.

Surprise for you! If you get frustrated moving the little o around in the Color Wheel and Color Tint Box (i.e.,  shade/tint box) … and cannot get the color you want … and you don’t like the 72 color patches, then you can try:

      • Click on this link for LIST OF COLORS … and find the hexadecimal code for a color you do like.
      • For example, if you like the color Saddle Brown … you will find the hexadecimal code is #8b4513
      • Copy that code and type it in the Code Box right below the Color Circle/Color Box image. If you copy and paste the hex code … it might not work for some reason. In that case … you will need to manually type the hexadecimal code into the box beneath the Color Circle/Color Box image.
      • However, if you like a little lighter brown color you might like to try #ce661c … and if you do not like it … you can change it to another color code.
      • And, like magic, the Color Wheel reflects what that color is … and applies it to your coffee mug!

NOTE: You can use the magic of the Color Wheel + Color Tint Box to change colors on any product an artist shows you on FAA websites in connection with the Color Wheel/Color Tint Box option … for example … clothes, towels, coffee mugs, tee-shirts, stationery, etc., etc.

8. Image Size Slider Options/Uses:

Slide the slider to the left to decrease image size (on any product where you have this option) … and to the right to increase the image size.

In many cases, the Slider can also be used to position the image on the product as well.

You can use the Slider to position the image on the cup … and can move some text from the image that appears on the cup (and notice two of 16 million possible coffee mug colors we talked about).

NOTE: The Image Size Slider is active on many products on most FAA websites … EXCEPT …  It is Not available on most Wall Art options.

Ace Hearts - Red + Text

Ace Hearts Blue + Texts

You can also use the Slider to move text out of the picture on many products … and use your mouse to position the image exactly where you want it. Play around all you want to … you will not break it!

See the two examples below (slider was used to move text out of the image):

Ace Hearts - No Text

Ace Clubs - No Text

9. How to order your coffee mug after completing all the modifications you want:

Click on the ADD TO CART button  as shown on the image below (i.e, but cannot use the image below … i.e., do it in your active, working image like this one: Click > Ace of Hearts Coffee Mug

Capture 3 - Mug Sizes

10. After clicking ADD TO CART button you should see this next screen … where you need to: Click > VIEW CART & CHECKOUT 

View Cart & Checkout Button

11. Next is the SHOPPING CART page where you can Edit | Delete | Update … your order then Click > the CHECKOUT > button

Here is an example of what your page might look like:

Checkout Page Mug

12. Next is the CHECKOUT PAGE. Fill in all your pertinent information: *

    • Payment Method;
    • Your Contact Info;
    • Shipping Address;
    • Billing Address;
    • Credit Card Information …

*DOUBLE CHECK AND MAKE …  absolutely certain that ALL of your information is correct in each space where you need to add information.

And then click CONTINUE >  at the bottom of the page.

NOTE: If you made an error or omission … you will see:   OPPS … SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT

Followed by  a list of corrections you need to check and make sure the information is correct.

13. The next page is REVIEW & SUBMIT.

Be sure to review your shipping address (especially if you are sending to a GIFT address) … and your payment information … are all correct! (If there is an apartment or unit number in the address … you absolutely must add that information.

14.  NOTE: Make absolutely certain that ALL of your order information is correct (i.e., do NOT leave out any address information such as apartment numbers or P. O. Box addresses (note: only United States Post Office can use P.O. Box for deliveries).

This is especially important if the address information is located within an apartment complex … and the address has an apartment or unit number.

Most delivery drivers do not have the time to figure out that an apartment or unit number is missing … and many apartment managers will NOT accept mail deliveries for their renters. In that case … the Fine Art America orders usually get returned to the fulfillment center.

PLEASE check your order information carefully … because you may never know that a gift order was not delivered because the correct address was missing.

In case you have not had the opportunity to do so yet, here is the order information for the important tutorial book that can help you through many rough spots on FAA websites:

One Billion Secret Choices in Fine Arts America [eBook]


One Billion Secret Choices in Fine Arts America [ Print Book]





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